Meet the designer

Hello - my name is Ása Bergmann and I'm the person behind Bergmann Studio. In 2017 I graduated with highest grade for my bachelor project in Retail Design from Via University College in Herning. 
Design then specially Graphic Design has become my passion and work. I love everything about it and creating beautiful design with graphics is not only my work it's also my hobby. From young age my mother always told me to become a graphic designer but somehow I never went for it until after my graduation as Retail Designer. I can say I couldn't escape it and I'm glad because I LOVE IT!
I've always been passionated about Architecture. Many of my designs contains buildings and I just love the outlines of it. 

Freelance designer in Denmark & Iceland

I work as freelance designer for clients in Denmark and Iceland. I've worked with various companies such as hair salons, restaurants and shops. 
If you need designs for your self or business, don't hesitate to reach out. 
If you want to see more design projects take a look here.