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Few years ago Ása burned her mothers dining table by putting 200°C warm straightening iron on top of it. It has been in Ása's mind ever since that happened to have a mat under the iron. Then 4 years ago Ása was introduced to the recycled rubber material by her boyfriend and together they have created the Studio Mats. Ása is also worried about the climate change therefore she wanted to create products that are made from recycled and/or natural materials. 

I couldn’t escape it

The designer behind Bergmann Studio is Ása Bergmann. In 2017 she graduated with good results as Retail Designer (BA) from the Danish university Via University College in Herning.Design then specially Graphic Design has become her passion and work. She loves everything about it and creating beautiful design with graphics is not only her work it's also hobby. From young age her mother always told her to become a graphic designer but somehow I never went for it until after the graduation as Retail Designer. Ása can say I couldn't escape it and I'm glad because I LOVE IT!

Vision, Mission & Values

We look to the future while we are generating our concept. We care for the environment and want to have products that last longer and are made the right way. Quality is important for us and therefore we choose materials that suits our concept. 



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